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Skatroid - Skat

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About SkatSkat is the most popular card game in Germany, but also well known all over the world.Three players form two counter parties, which are playing against each other. The Declarer (player which is playing alone) is determined by bidding against the other players. Bidding means, each player estimates a bid value of its card deck and tries to outbid the other players. The bid value is a combination of high trumps (jacks) and the bidded suit (trump suit), with exception of Grand and Null games. In Grand games only Jacks are trump, Null games don't have trumps and have a fixed bid value.The goal of a game is, to earn the most points. Normally a game is won by the declarer, if it achieves 61 points (simple games). In exceptional cases the declarer has to achieve 91 ("Schneider") points, to get all tricks of a game ("Schwarz") or to get no trick (Null games). A Series consistes of 36 games (48 games if four players are playing a Series). Goal of a Skat is, to have the most points at the end of a Series.
The finally result will be determined by using the Fabian-Seger-System. I.e. for each won game, the declarer gets 50 bonus points. For each lost game of the declarer, the counter party gets 40 bonus points.
About Skatroid
Skatroid is a Android Skat game.It is a offline variant of Skat featuring two virtual computer players which play against you. The virtual players support very realistic and human way of playing Skat. The virtual computer players have a playing knowledge that thrills Skat beginners as well as advanced Skat players. Furthermore the homelike athmosphere of the game and droll androids effects that it is fun to play! So give it a shot!
- Card game for Android (compatible with Android 2.3.3 and higher)- No internet connection required- Supports old rules of Skat (valid until 1999) and the current rules (valid since 1999)- Optionally, supports Pub rules as Kontra/Re, Ramsch, Bock (In-App-Produkt)- Challenging virtual computer players (humans or androids)- Variable card deck type (old german or french)- Interchangeable backgrounds- Realistic and human playing behaviour of the virtual players- English and German language support
Known Problems and Issues
- The Message "App is not licensend" after the installation is a known bug, possibly caused by Google Play. Please reboot your phone and try it again. If a reboot is not suitable, please reverse your money in your Google Checkout account.- Skatroid currently is not optimized for tablets. If there are problems while displaying, please reverse your money on Google Checkout.- In one case a user could'nt reverse its money from Google Checkout. This problem is unknown. (In the given case i didn't achieve the money. This was the reason, the user couldn't reverse, because it wasn't paid. Please assure, that your payment really is charged from your account. If your have a problem, please contact me.
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